Despite your best endeavors to fend off pests from entering your property, incursions can still occur. Pests can be sly creatures, but arming yourself with the right plan and knowing what to search for and what measures to take when a problem is noticed will save you from a future pest infestation. Left uncontrolled, a little pest problem can turn into an infestation.

You can avert pest infestations with these simple tips:

Block Points of Entry: Getting rid of access points for pests will help keep them out of your property. This could include mending holes in walls and foundation areas. Making sure that doors are closed as often as possible should also be considered.

Get Rid of Still Water: Flies and mosquitoes need water to breed, so our experienced exterminators recommend that you get rid of any standing water on your property.

Make Use of a Dehumidifier. Houses with basements can get damp in the warmer months of summer, providing a sanctuary for a selection of pests. A dehumidifier can take away excess moisture.

Inspect Raw Food Before Storing: Inspecting food deliveries for signs of pests and rodents before you store them in your refrigerator or pantry can help keep pests out of your property.

Expert Help: Collaborating with an exterminator is the best way to lessen the threat of an infestation. A pest control expert can perform a wide-ranging checkup to identify any existence of pests or environments conducive to pests and can offer quick and low-cost solutions.
If you notice a pest or discover signs that you might have a pest infestation, you should contact the accomplished exterminators at Shelby's Pest Control Inc. in Chico, California. We can help keep your property safe and free of pests.